"You Can't Stop the Beat!!!"

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Broadway performance of Hairspray was the perfect ending to our Broadway and Beyond excursions. The show was simply AMAZING. The choreography just caused you to want to get out of your seat and dance. Hairspray is a musical that many people are familiar with, whether they heard the songs or saw the film starring Zac Effron, Amanda Bynes, and John Travolta. I felt as though after seeing the film I was able to get more into the Broadway performance. The Broadway show is very different then the film and offers "in the moment" acting. I highly recommend the show to anybody who enjoys a musical type of show.
Overall our last trip to the city was fun. I enjoyed having dinner with classmates I made friends with during our semester together, and was very entertained with the Hairspray performance. Hairspray is a very inspirational musical, which encourages integration. Throughout our semester in our writing class we have seen shows dealing with different cultures and customs. Being our last show Hairspray wraps all that we have learned about what Broadway and New York City offers.
Farewell Broadway and Beyond:(
Pros: Seeing Broadway shows, going to NYC almost every other weekend, being independent in the city, meeting some cool people, Dr. Shosh, writing topics aren't that bad
Cons: Long bus rides, crazy crowds in the city