Saturday, November 29, 2008

The last performance that would tie the red knot to the perfectly wrapped present was Hairspray. The fluorescent pink strings of fabric, that combined to form a curtain, illuminated the theatre. I was very excited to see Hairspray, and could not wait till the curtains unveiled the first scene of the 8 Tony Award winning production. Marissa Perry, who played Tracy Turnblad, delivered a strong performance in the first scene. Her voice, hair, style, and size, all coordinated together perfectly. The cast, as a whole, performed with great passion, determination, and just pure talent. Many times I wondered of myself being on a stage, acting with incredible actors, dancing with amazing dancers. Hairspray was not the first production that made me feel this sentiment, in fact, I believe it was my Broadway and Beyond class that opened my eyes to see more clearly of what I love to do. Throughout the production, I was sitting at the edge of my seat, laughing, gasping for air, and releasing sounds of awe. Constantine Rousouli, who played Link Larkin, stole my heart by the end of the production; his breath-taking smile and his implausible dancing, had my eyes opened wide, only blinking when he was off stage. Each actor showed tremendous talent and to me, the performance on stage brought a little more than the performance on television. This production certainly wrapped up the set of productions I have seen throughout this course. I just cannot believe how fast this course went along; from seeing my first Broadway production, I never thought I would learn so much from a single semester. Throughout these months, I have grown to love Broadway in an unimaginable amount and my love for it is continuous; the experiences I have encountered, such as getting an autograph by Daniel Radcliffe, is something I will never forget. What a semester this has been for me. The last trip to New York City, is really not the last, in fact, it is just the beginning of many trips to see Broadway productions.