So Long to the "Great White Way!"

Monday, November 17, 2008

After a nice weekend home in New Jersey, I got up early to travel back to Moravian to go back on another excursion to New York City for our final Broadway and Beyond trip. I was especially looking forward to this trip for I was spending a nice day with some great friends and seeing Hairspray. Hairspray is one of my favorite movies so I was excited to see it "come alive" on stage at the Neil Simon Theater.

Lunch at Applebee's started off a wonderful day. With our full stomachs, we ventured to the theater and sat on those famous red velvet seats. The lights dimmed on the fluorescent pink curtain as Marissa Perry, who played Tracy Turnblad, belted out the opening song, "Good Morning Baltimore". From there, I instantly fell in love as the actors performed and danced in front of a colorful set that involved buildings like those seen in Baltimore and a brightly decorated television set. My favorite part of the show involved Link, Penny, Seaweed and Tracy singing "Without Love" when Link confessed his love for Tracy and Seaweed confessed his love for Penny. This cute scene was humorous and also "tugged at the heart strings".

After a standing ovation, we ascended the bus once again to travel back to Moravian. On the way home, I could not help but think how sad I was that my trips to New York City had ended. I grew to love seeing the different types of plays and I finally got to know the Big Apple a little better. I cannot help to feel melancholy that these trips are over but I am so happy that I was able to take part in such a fun and interesting class. The friends I made and the memories I created, I know will stay with me for a long time. But for now, it is so long to the "Great White Way".