Our Final Trip

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our final trip to New York City, was great ! It was kind of sad in the same sense, only because i dont know when the next time I will ever get the chance to travel to New York City with the same group of people. This Class has really joined together as a group and enjoyed each and every experience. On the day of our last trip, we took the Impact bus from the HUB into the city. Once in the City a group of us ate at an Applebee's close to where the bus dropped us off. After lunch, it was on the the theater to see HAIRSPRAY! Hairspray was such a great show, it really wasn't what I expected at all, which I think made the experience even better. After the show we had little bit of time before the bus, so Annie and I tried to fine Barack Obama shirt, this wasnt successful, but it was still fun looking in all the tourist shops. It still makes me sad thinking out City adventures are over, but this class really opened up alot of doors for me, because now I feel really comfortable in the city and will definatly take more advantage of what it has to offer.