The Last Adventure to NYC

Monday, November 10, 2008

I think one of the best parts of the whole trip to New York City was being able to sleep in on a Sunday. Not getting up at 5:30AM made my day. The Broadway and Beyond class was heading to New York City on the Impact bus. We left around 11 AM and didn't get into the city till about 12:45AM. It was a bit chilly; yet, it was probably the best weather we had since being in the city from previous weeks. Our class had an option of seeing the musical Hairspray or Boys Life, and since I have already seen Hairspray, I decided to see Boys Life with Jason Biggs from the first three American Pies.
As we were walking around the city, it was Joey, Christine, Naomi and I. Paul aka Benny was surely missed. The production played around three o'clock, so we had a bit of time just to hang out till then. We got dropped off at 50th street by the bus, and the play was on 43W Street, so we had a bit of walking to do. Before we did anything, we decided to eat something becuase none of us had breakfast. Everyone picked McDonald's, and let me just tell you, I'm not a fan; but I couldn't wait any longer.
Since I was the captain of our small group, I had to meet up with Dr. Shosh at the theatre around 2 PM to get our tickets so he could give the other's their tickets for Hairspray. We decided to wait inside becuase it was becoming colder and colder every time we stood still. As we headed into the theatre, there were orange walls everywhere. When we walked into the stage where the seats were, the stage was set up like I have never seen before. Every scene was in some type of room whether is was a bedroom or a restuarant and it was on wheels.
This was Boys Life last show to be on Broadway. This production came from the 1980s, so with every seen change, 80s music would play. It was about three guys whom were friends since college, who haven't grown up and are dealing with harsh relationships with women. It wasn't the best play I have ever seen, but it was by far one of the funniest. The production was great and it was a different taste. I recommend any theatre-goer to see it.
As we headed back to Moravian, I thought about all the great times I had with my classmates and Dr. Shosh. I made some great friends, and I feel as a whole our class became really close with each other. I am happy with choosing Dr. Shosh's class, Broadway and Beyond and recommend anybody who enjoys the city and seeing productions to enroll in his class. Thank you for everyone who showed me a great time!