A Boy's Life?!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

For our last tour to the city we boarded the bus and headed toward a new change. We chose what we wanted to see and only had time for the show. It was a good change because there was no bus to catch at odd hours of the morning and we could finally relax because it picked us up right on campus. Couldn't be easier for the long day ahead. We boarded at 11:00 and then we were on our way...for the last time. This was the closer and I could not tell if we were relieved or saddened by the thought of not going to the city with our class anymore after this one. We arrived in the city and had some time to roam then split to go to our desired show. I chose A Boy's Life which was perfect for this point in my life. It was about the transition beween college and the decisions involved and then into adulthood. Put to eighties beats set the mood for this short production. After enjoying the slapstick comedy we met with another person from our group and toured the city for the remaining hour. We caught the bus at six and it was all over. No more trips, no more "am I going to be on time", and no more fantastic shows. It was brought to an end as we drove out of the city and heaed back toward Bethlehem. We arrived back to classes the next day and the normal of our college day-to-day. Our time for the finale was well spent and worth all our hard work and time.