[title of show] - The Music

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell have produced a book and a score that run the gamut of musical and Broadway references and jokes. In a musical, the opening number sets the tone for the entire show, and the first line in [title of show] is a musical joke, including the names of the first notes of the musical: "ADDDF#A/Will be the first notes of our show." Throughout the rest of the song, the actors sing about musical terms such as syncopation, a rhythm based on the off-beats of music, adding quarter notes in unexpected places, and "yelling fortissimo," meaning "loudly." Even the of the "Untitled Opening Number" goes along perfectly with [title of show], by exemplifying the character and tone of the whole show. Within the script, and especially the lyrics of the musical numbers, there are many references to obscure broadway minutiae, that can keep any person's interest, primarily if he or she in up to date with their Broadway trivia. Particularly in "Playbills and Monkeys," the idea of finding inspiration in the music from other shows, mostly those that have flopped, brings up many titles of Broadway musicals that have not been very successful, including Carrie, Censored Scenes from King Kong, and Oh, Kay. Also apparent in "Part of It All," many references to Broadway and the surrounding area come up to keep the audience guessing, and giving the audience members a good feeling when one knows a reference heard in the song. To separate the scenes, the production uses recordings of phone messages from big Broadway names, such as Sutton Foster and Patti LuPone, adding to the number of allusions throughout the production.