There's a first time for everything

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Having never gone to New York for a Broadway production my trip was filled with anticipation and excitement. After we missed the first bus we waited around and caught the next one to New York. I fell alseep and when I woke up we were in the heart of the Broadway Theatre district. No time was wasted because we were assisnged a scavenger hunt that had us parading all around the district to look for answers to the trivial questions. It was muggy and uncomfortable which made those two hours seem like an eternity, but they were over. We met at the Film Center Cafe where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch and the company of the new faces of the class. Next we marched our way to the Richard Rogers Theatre to see the show. Imagine living in the barrios of Washington Heights, imagine being the thrid set of immigrants to live there, and imagine all of this being set to a spicy medly of generations worth of music. This is " In the Heights", a show about the truths of the struggles of everyday life for this place that won "Best in Show" at the Tony's. The show had me wide awake and moving in my seat. My first experience was better that what I thought it would be. After the show it was pouring outside which made it awful to walk around in. I stayed in New York with a friend for a couple of hours then got the 9:45 back to Bethlehem.