Our Second Excursion in the City

Monday, October 6, 2008

Unlike our first trip to New York City, this past Saturday was here and gone before I knew it. Even though it was our second trip to the city and second time having to wake up at 5:30am, the part that I was least looking forward to had to be the subway. All in all the subway was quite the experience, being there with a group definitely made it less scary. After getting off our last train and having walked up the stairs to the streets the cool sunny air just welcomed us to the city. The weather forecast of with no rain in sight for the city definitely lifted my spirits for the day.
Following our subway experience we walked a short distance to the Tenement Museum. From there we were greeted by our tour guided and began our tour. I thought the tour was very informational and in a sense allowed me to step into the time period of immigrating to New York. The structure of the buildings alone told a story of the hardships that immigrates had to face. The tour guide supplied lots of facts and open to answer all the questions that we had.
Overall I my favorite part of whole tour and was one of the top moments in my day was playing a role of an incoming immigrant. Victoria, the name of the girl who acted as a three year citizen of the U.S., was incredibly in character the whole presentation. Stepping in her room was like stepping back in time. It was so much fun actually seeing acting one on one like that. She really accomplished her goal and knew every little detail of her story.

Our next stop on our trip to the city was San Genarro Festival. I was a little bummed that we didn’t have that much time to explore the event as I had hoped. A group of us from the class decided to have lunch together at fancier sit-down restaurant. Pleasingly we all left the table after eating what we all agreed to be amazing food. After we ate we had about twenty minutes to see rest of the festival. Unfortunately we weren’t able to see too much, but you can tell from walking around that the people in New York City hold great pride in the Italian heritage and the festival. The crowded street truly showed how great of a success the festival continues to be year after year.
Last but not least our final stop was the Lyceum theatre for our performance of [Title of Show]. Thankfully we were allowed to move our sets further to the front of the balcony where the view was much better. As the show began I realized that I really didn’t know what kind of show I was about to see. Confusingly the plot puzzled me for the first few minutes of the play, even though I researched information before attending. I thought the show was hilarious and very entertaining. The randomness of the characters caused me to just to laugh out loud. Towards the end though I began to lose interest and began to realize how long the show was without an intermission.

Credit goes to Coleen for the photos.