Our First Trip of the Semester! 9/6/08

Friday, October 10, 2008

My experience in New York City this past weekend was a lot of fun, and I learned a lot of new things about theatre. I have been to the city countless times and done all sorts of activities, whether it was seeing a Broadway show, going to a museum, taking a voice lesson or even just going shopping for the day. But this particular excursion into New York was unlike the others.

The weather was extremely sticky and we felt pretty disgusting the whole time we were walking outside, because all of the smells of the sewers and the vehicles and the restaurants were even more potent than usual and we felt as if they were sticking to us. But after awhile we stopped worrying about what we looked and smelled like, and just had a good time.  During the scavenger hunt, we were also on another hunt—for a bathroom, which was an adventure in itself. One would think that with the amount of places in New York City, there would be available bathrooms, but we were wrong. The first place we went to look was in a Starbucks, but they told us that it was under construction. So from there we went to a Pizzeria, and that bathroom was just unusable for several reasons. After that, we went into the giant movie theatre that we had seen before we all split up for the scavenger hunt. We went up and down all of the escalators in the theatre and followed all of the signs for the bathrooms until we finally got to the top—and realized that they wouldn’t let you in without a movie ticket. So we had to go all the way back down the escalators and keep looking. Finally we managed to find a bathroom in a MacDonald’s. We ignored the sign that read “Bathroom for MacDonald’s customers only”. And we found that bathroom just in time, because right after that it was time to meet for lunch.

            After lunch came In The Heights. This was already one of the best musicals that I had seen in my life, and the second time was still just as exciting as the first time for me. I remembered how amazing the dancing was, and how original the musical score was, but I forgot about all of the individual emotions that the show made me feel when I watched it. At times it was hysterically funny, at times it was heartbreakingly sad, at times it was romantic, and the show held my attention the entire time.

            When we stepped outside of the theatre, it had already started raining. Luckily it wasn’t raining the whole day, but even walking from the theatre to the bus terminal was a challenge. Almost our entire class walked together in the rain—most of us with our umbrellas up and our raincoats on. But it felt good to finally get on the bus and just sit (even though our clothes were somewhat drenched at this point). Everyone was pretty quiet on the ride home, some people slept, some people were texting the whole time, and some people just sat there in silence. I think everyone was pretty wiped out from that day, but it was still obvious that everyone had a good time.