Our First Broadway Experience

Thursday, October 30, 2008

When I first heard that I was going to have to get up on a Saturday morning at 6am to take an hour and half bus ride into Manhattan, I was a little worried. I was afraid I would over sleep and miss the bus to the city; I was worried I might get separated in the city and get lost, I was also worried I would get stuck in the city. After all these worries, I was extremely excited. This experience ended up being a great one.
Without any problems, I woke up at 6, and was on the bus to New York City at 7. The bus ride wasn’t bad at all, everyone in our class seemed very tired, and most people slept. We arrived at port authority around 8:40. Mr. Shosh was right there waiting for our class. Leaving Port Authority we walked to 42nd street. On 42nd street we received the rules and questions for our scavenger hunt. My group consisted of Alison, April, and myself. After receiving the questions I was concerned that we would never be able to answer any. After finding our first answer, I realized that we could actually work as a team, and answer a lot of the questions. My group worked so well together, and I think we became good friends. This activity was really helpful to get to know the Broadway area of NYC. The day that we were in the city, was probably one of the hottest days I have ever spent in New York, it was sticky and rainy. Even with these weather conditions it was still a really fun day.
We had lunch at the Film Center Café. We all met at the café at 12’oclock, if you were later than noon you were disqualified from the scavenger hunt prizes. All the teams made it before noon, even if they ran there from blocks away. Lunch was great! I don’t know if it was because everyone was so hungry, or if the food was really that good. The café offered a typical New York City brunch, it was perfect for the day we were having. At lunch I started talking to everyone in our class, and started to really get to know them. It was fun to talk to people outside the class and really start to know who they are as people, not just classmates.
After lunch we headed right to the Richard Rodgers Theatre for the 2oclock performance of In the Heights. In the Heights is a show I would never expected to like as much as I did. The show is full of energy, and dancing. It is about people who live in Washington Heights, New York. Usnavi is the owner of convenience store that supplies all the towns’ people with their coffee in the morning. The story line is very simple and easy to follow, which I liked a lot for the first Broadway play our class saw together. The story was also easy to relate to for me, I felt like everyone needs to go home to their family when they are having trouble. The story also makes you realize how much you appreciate your own home.
Once the show was over, most people wanted to come back to campus. It had been a long day and everyone seemed to lose their energy and wanted get on a bus as soon as possible. While we were in the show it had started raining, and once we were walking back to Port Authority it started raining heavily. Trying to navigate your way through the city with a big group of people and umbrellas was also a funny experience. There seemed to be a lot of bumping into each other and slipping in puddles. This trip to New York City was probably one of the best trips I’ve had. It was really fun and interesting. It was also good getting know the city better as well as the other students in the class. The show was great, and Mr. Shosh couldn’t have picked a better first experience for our class.