October in the City

Thursday, October 30, 2008

For our October trip into New York City we had another full schedule. First we were attending A Man for all Seasons. This play is about Sir Thomas More. I really enjoyed this show, alot more than I thought I would have. The set was amazing, I couldn't take my eyes off of it. After A Man For All Seasons, a group of us headed over to The Hard Rock Cafe for dinner. This was a great place to have dinner because of all scenery. Dinner in the city is always fun, because it gives us a chance to talk about the day and also get to know each other alittle better. After Dinner we were attending Equus. Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I was more than excited to see Daniel Radcliffe's performance. Equus was one of the most moving productions I have ever seen on Broadway. I believe this was my favorite show our class has seen thus far. After Equus ended, a group of us rushed out side to see if we could catch a glipse at Daniel Radcliffe leaving the theater. I've never waited to see a Star before, and i was completely star struck when Daniel finally came out. The whole crowd was screaming and yelling for him to sign the Playbill's. Radcliffe was so polite and took his time signing each playbill, poster, and even a cup for some women. He walked slowly and took his time and made sure he signed as much as he could. The group of us told him his performance was so great, and he responsed with "AWESOME". I am so happy we stayed and got his autograph, it made the performance of Equus even more special.

Well, after seeing Daniel Radcliffe, we realized we only had a short period of time to race back to Port Authority and wait on line for the last back to Bethlehem. All of us high tailed it to Port Authority. Even poor Jen who had recently tore her ACL. We made the bus! This trip into NYC was the best experience for me.