Friday, October 31, 2008

From the very beginning of our day in the city, the only thing on most of our minds was Daniel Radcliffe. We had read the play, and now it was time to see the play. But first, we saw A Man For All Seasons, which had also just opened on Broadway. I thought A Man For All Seasons was very well put together, and I thought the sets and the lighting were very good. Frank Langella, who played Sir Thomas More, did a great job in my opinion. His acting was my favorite part of the show, and his character was so believable that you really felt like you were watching Sir Thomas More. If it weren't for this class, I definitely would not have gone to see A Man For All Seasons on my own, but I'm glad I got the opportunity to see it because I thought it was a good experience.
After the show, we had some free time in the city which was good considering most of us were starving. We were so ready to eat, but it seemed like every restaurant we went to had an extremely long wait for a table. Finally we ended up at the Hard Rock Cafe, which turned out to have a 45 minute wait, but we decided that we had enough time to eat there, and we wanted to stay. I had never been to the Hard Rock Cafe before but I thought it was a really fun place to go. I loved all of the memorabilia that was on display from famous musicians. I was especially interested because I am an aspiring musician and I loved seeing things that my idols left behind for them to showcase. When we finally got our table, we were all so relieved, and after we ate we all got this surge of energy back into us.
Seeing Equus was just an overall great experience. The play was interesting and clever and the performers did a great job, and of course the fact that Daniel Radcliffe was there made it so much more exciting. It was so strange seeing someone in person that you've only seen on the big screen before. Sometimes I would catch myself thinking things like, "Wow, Daniel Radcliffe is totally in the same room with us right now" and it was just really exciting. We heard from one of the ushers that if you left the show a scene or two early, you could wait outside and possibly get Daniel's autograph, so of course that's what we decided to do. We snuck out towards the end of the show, and pretty much ran out of the theatre and saw that there was already a huge crowd waiting. We didn't think we were even going to be able to see him, let alone get an autograph, but it turned out that if you had your ticket from that night's performance, you got to move all the way up to the front.  So we got to cut in front of all of the other people waiting and everyone in our group was able to get an autograph! Of course after that, we were afraid we'd miss the last bus home, so we ran for our lives to Port Authority. Luckily we made it on time, and we all had our autographs with us to show off. That was the perfect way to end our day in the city!