First Trip to New York

Friday, October 31, 2008

The first trip to New York for this course I really didn't know what to expect.  I was used to going to New York for other classes in high school but we always had a really strict schedule.  This one was a little different.  Of course there were times when we all had to meet as a group to do specific things, but mostly everyone could venture out and be on their own and do their own thing.  
On this first excursion to New York the class all had to be up at the pick-up spot at six thirty so we would be able to make it to the bus station on time.  We were all given our bus tickets a few days in advance.  I put mine in a safe place but had forgotten to grab it as I left my in my room.  Thankfully, another class mate was kind enough to drive me back and get a later bus into the city with me and one other student. 
Once in the city, it didn't take long for the humidity to hit.  It was very hot and muggy, but to top it all off we had to run around the street and finish a scavenger hunt within 2 hours.  Those two hours didn't seem to go by fast enough.  After meeting everyone back at a certain point we had lunch and headed off to Richard Rogers Theatre to see In the Heights.  As I sat down in my seat, my eyes wandered around the stage, taking in all of the scenery.  It was a very well designed set and my eyes did not stop to gaze at one thing for very long.  It was vibrate and busy, just like the play, which had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.  With all of the lights, sounds, and different beats in music made In the Heights a great musical to start this semester off right.