Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was unlike any other day becuase our meeting time was at 10:00,not 6:30, and we where seeing two shows. Arriving in New York gave way to great anticipation and excitement because we were on our way to see the men who made Harry Potty famous. Not only a hit on Broadway, but a hit on my list, Equus was well anticipated and greeted with much appreciation. We all loaded into the Broadhurst Theatre and strapped in for the ride of our life. A thiller about the contraversy over a child's life and what is at stake when he is found guilty for blinding horses was the plot for the show. Already we knew it would be full of excitement with small spritz of spell binding fear, but I think none of us expected what was in store. The theatre turned dark and we were greeted by a mellow voice echoing from the side of the stage. That slowly changed when the troubled boy and worried magistrate take to the stage. Each person's character had a different heart felt emotion which shaped who they were and the character they portrayed. We watched in aw as the play passed by us with great speed, which brought us to the anticipated part of the show: Alan's attacking of the horses. Filled with drama and tension the stage lit up and shortly thereafter dulled dark as before. The show was coming to an end and I felt as though more needed to be seen. We left the theatre more excited and fulfilled than we came in. Tired and exhausted we boarded up the bus at Port Authority and headed back to Bethlehem. The excitement and exhaustion was all brought to a hault when we got back to campus and prepared to sleep.