Friday, October 31, 2008

Equus, where to begin? 1st of all it was fabulous! I definitely wanted to see this play because I was curious to see how Harry Potter would change from that good boy image to a rising young adult. I had no complaints at all for this play because he absolutely nailed the performance. And beyond this the lighting and special effects were crazy. It also made you feel as if you were somewhat part of the performance. I really liked how they had basically horse heads on the guys running around and how they projected the scenery on the floor to give it that special vision. And what made this performance different was it was the start of Harry Potter's career as a young adult in the Broadway business. I think he is a perfect fit for these plays and I hope he thinks about possible future plays. Lastly, even though I did not get Harry's autograph I believe I still had fun and take on new experiences wherever I go in Dr. Shosh's class. I look forward to any future trips to the city where I continue to learn new things.