Equus is a must see!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It all began, Sunday early afternoon on the bus to NYC, I slept most of the way and awoke refreshed and ready to see the show Equus. After reading the play, I was not really into the whole show except for the fact that Daniel Radcliffe was in it. As soon as we walked into the theater, I knew that I would soon change my mind on this play. Equus was so intriguing, I could barely blink. Daniel Radcliffe proved to be the serious actor that he had set out to prove. His character, Alan, required Daniel to take on a very serious role and remain in character at particularly challenging times. Throughout my whole experience of the day, my feelings on the play, Equus changed drastically. I thoroughly enjoyed this production and recommend it to anyone who wants to see a thrilling, serious show.