Welcome to the Great White Way!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Throughout the semester ahead, you'll travel regularly to our nation's largest city and live theatre capital to experience many different forms of theatrical events. Despite the fact that the heart of the Broadway Theatre district lies less than 90 miles from Bethlehem, many Moravian College students have not yet had the opportunity to walk through Times Square, to see a Broadway play or musical, or to visit the incredible cultural institutions that make their home in New York City. In his 1904 musical Little Johnny Jones, George M. Cohan wrote:
Give my regards to Broadway, remember me to Herald Square,
Tell all the gang at Forty-Second Street, that I will soon be there;
Whisper of how I'm yearning to mingle with the old time throng;
Give my regards to old Broadway and say that I'll be there ere long.

I encourage you to use this blog as a public space to share your adventures, offer your insights, and encourage your fellow students to join you in giving your regards to Broadway. I look forward to seeing you at 42nd and Broadway on Saturday morning. Don't forget your umbrella, camera, and writer's notebook!