Our First NYC Adventure

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The night before our first New York trip, my mother decided that she would like to drive to the bus station because she thought that the hurricane was going to produce too much danger for me to drive in, and I panicked because I was supposed to drive other people to the bus station from Moravian the next day, and I feared that everyone would not fit with my mom in the car as well. Luckily, only 3 other people signed up to ride in my car, and they were all waiting in the parking lot, ready and prepared, at 6:30 Saturday morning, and we were able to get to the bus station and leave without a hitch. We arrived at Port Authority around 9 o’clock. It was really dark and damp, and it smelled like exhaust from all the buses. I watch way too much Law and Order, so I was thinking in the back of my mind that someone was going to abduct me or something, because bad things always happen at Port Authority on TV. However, there were almost no people down there, except Dr. Shosh, patiently waiting for the class to arrive. He then guided us up to 42nd Street, in the Broadway Theatre District, which I was thankful for, because I’ve only ever been to New York twice, and I was definitely not allowed to walk wherever I pleased before this first trip. We received our scavenger hunt teams and question sheets in front of Starbuck’s, and embarked upon our search. First, my group went into Starbuck’s, so we could all go to the bathroom. Then, we started scavenging. We didn’t really have a plan and just wandered around aimlessly, finding random answers as we roamed. I decided I could never live in the city because I kept smelling repulsive scents, and I cannot stand disgusting smells; I think I have a very sensitive nose. Also, I shuffle when I walk, so I always trip while I’m walking, and, since it was wet out from recent rain, I kept stepping in puddles, and I don’t even want to think about what was in that water. Later, I was so busy looking for one of the answers that I just walked straight in to a pole. Then, around 11, my group decided that we would head to the restaurant, so we wouldn’t be disqualified for tardiness because we had to be there by 12. We had about half of our scavenger hunt paper filled out and had no hopes of winning, but on our way down 46th, coming back from climbing into a construction site illegally to find an answer for the hunt, I saw a man handing out fliers for a Broadway show, and Whoopi Goldberg was on the front. I asked him for one because I remembered that one of the questions had asked something about her. Then, as I was writing down the answer for the group, another man handing out fliers asked what we were doing. When we told him we were on a scavenger hunt for our class, he said, “Oh, ask me some questions; I bet I can help!,” so we asked him and his friends all of the questions that we had not yet filled out the answers too, and they knew almost every one! We then rushed to the restaurant because we certainly didn’t want to be disqualified when our score had most definitely just been boosted. We arrived at the Film Center Café in plenty of time, around 11:45, and, after the scores were tallied, my group proved victorious in the scavenger hunt. Later, we ordered our food, and almost everyone ordered a cheeseburger because we were all starving and needed protein, so, as they brought the food out to our tables, I thought every plate was mine, but mine was almost the last to come out. Although, since I was so hungry, and waited for so long, I think mine tasted extra good to me. However, the French fries at the café were covered in little flecks of some green spice, and I just felt like I was covered in green stuff by the end of the meal. I probably shouldn’t complain though because Elizabeth ordered a Belgian waffle without berries on it, which, logically, should have been the easiest thing to make and should have come out first, but it came out last, and the man also brought her a huge plate of berries on the side like a metaphorical slap on the face to add to the fact that she only got her food after everyone else was almost done eating. After everyone relieved themselves and was satiated, we walked back to the Richard Rogers Theater, where In the Heights, which explores three days in the characters’ lives in the New York City Latino neighborhood of Washington Heights, was playing. The musical had an upbeat Latino score and added modern element like rap and hip hop to the traditional Broadway musical. After the show, it was pouring in New York City, and we were all so beat from scouring from 40th street to 54th street for scavenger hunt answers that most of us decided we just wanted to return to Port Authority and get home as quickly as possible. The ride seemed to drag on, and the torrential rain certainly wasn’t helping, but I think the fact that we all just wanted to get home as quickly as possible made it even worse. But, alas, we finally arrived back at the bus terminal around 7:30 on Saturday night, and after dropping everyone back off at the college, I went home, took a long, hot, relaxing shower, and slept straight through the night till 10:30 Sunday morning.